Venkatesh P. Gopinath (P. G.)

In a nut shell:

I'm a Ph.D. in EE from Michigan State University . I am currently a Post Doctoral Researcher in the Plasma Theory and Simulation Group at the University of California at Berkeley. My current projects involve 1-D and 2-D particle in cell codes for simulating plasmas. I am currently maintaining and developing xpdc2 R-theta , a cylindrical electrostatic PIC code. I am also involved in simulating Crossed-Field devices using our PIC codes. In addition, I am involved in MURI, Multi University Research Initiative. My other area of interest is modeling and characterization of plasma used for semiconductor processing.
I am currently working on

Download XPDP1 For Agust Valfells

Some of my current work on Crossed-Field Devices

Simulation of a large area plasma source

I am also working on Plasma Computer Experiments; Book with Dr. John Verboncoeur and Dr. C. K. Birdsall.

I am coordinating a project to create Kannada fonts and transliterate them to be TeX usable

Not so current work

Plasma Simulations on a MasPar MPP (1994)

Experimental (yup!) paper on sputtering in an ECR source (1993)

And as if I was not busy enough already!

Movie of elements of the New Zealand Army performing a haka (a traditional Maori War Dance), if your movie player also plays audio, you will know what I mean. A similar dance is performed by the All Blacks , the premier NZ rugby team.

Curriculum Vitae

R. K. Laxman, India's eminent political satirist

I heard him say that he was going to speak out boldly and
reveal some very shocking matters shortly. I think he is retiring soon !

My present address
Venkatesh Gopinath

Office: 187 M, Cory Hall off: (510) 642-3477 comp room: 642-1297 FAX: (510) 642-6330 Snail mail: EECS Dept. 211-66 Cory #1772 U.C. Berkeley CA 94720-1772 email: